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Spreading the magic of film around Scotland

We believe all children should have a film birthday on the day they turn 8 and a half. To help make this happen, we have been giving free films to some lucky children in a few special Scottish places.

On the 10th of January, we will have sent out our 2000th free film! Watch Movie Magic in a Box to see how we are spreading the gift of cinema.

This gorgeous wee film was directed by Alice Nelson; the score is by young Scottish composer, Callum Barton with sound design by artist Zoë Irvine. We hope you like it!

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How it works

We've been working with schools and cinemas across Scotland to give away thousands of free films.

Each hub has been given its own magic password that gives its children access to the secret cave on our site. Once inside the cave, the children get to watch short clips of great films we are offering as presents on their 8½ birthday. Each eligible child can choose which films they most want to receive and send us a hand-written letter, telling us their 8½ birthday date.

On their 8½ birthday — or as close as possible to that date — they will receive their very own, beautifully wrapped movie present by post.

We are delighted to announce that all participating schools have now been selected and we are on course to reach more than 2000 children in total, from Shetland to Hawick and from Aberdeen to Arran!

We are particularly keen to hear back from children after they have received and watched their films. If you have taken part in our project and would like to send us your thoughts — good or bad — just write to us or email us:

My 8 1/2   Birthday
PO   Box   28314
Edinburgh     EH9 8AP

We welcome letters, drawings, photos and videos!

letters with tinsel stuck on them  are particularly welcome!

If you wonder what participation in this project entails, you'll find more information here
If you are planning to organise a public screening, there are some licensing issues you'll need to take into consideration