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Your own film party!

You know how one of the best things about going to the cinema is how much of a special event it can feel like? The strangeness and magic of being in a crowd of strangers all facing the same way and somehow becoming a group together, Retro 3D cinema glasses the flip-up seats, the lights going down and – sometimes – the special specs you need to see the film?

Your own wee cinema

There’s no reason why watching a DVD at home can’t feel like a special occasion, too – especially on your movie birthday! Before you sit down to watch a magic film for your 8½ birthday, fill yourself with all the butterflies of excitement. Turn the room in which you’ll be watching your film into a special place: the place where your film journey begins...

Your movie birthday is a time for celebration. Friends and relations, balloons, coloured lights, exotic costumes, music and mayhem are all part of the excitement. There’s no need to go and buy lots of things to fill your imagination: cut out silver paper stars from a bit of foil; make your own costumes from old clothes or build your very own cinema specs; wiggle a torch around in the dark and, most importantly, have a good old boogie or a sing song before the film begins...

Have an adventure

Going to the cinema – even if it is at home – can be like a visit to a strange and wonder-filled new land, where we can see, think and feel things we may never come across in our everyday lives. A great film, like all great adventures, is best experienced in great company: sharing these tickets to ride and sharing your impressions afterwards is a big part of their magic power.

Note to parents, guardians and teachers: watching a film at home with friends and family does not require a license, but if you are planning to organise a screening in a public space, there are some licensing issues you'll need to take into consideration. Find more information here

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