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What's it all about?
Tilda Swinton

In 2005, Tilda gave a speech about ‘The State of Cinema’ at the San Francisco Film Festival. The speech was in the form of a letter to her 8½ year-old son.

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Mark Cousins

Mark read about the speech, and was inspired to respond with a letter of his own, written to his 8½ year-old self.

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And so the idea for the 8½ Foundation was born.

The 8½ Foundation is a Scottish-based not-for-profit organisation dedicated to introducing world cinema to children. Its aim is to create a new birthday: a film birthday, at the age of 8½, that celebrates the power of cinema to expand children’s horizons and welcomes children into the wider world of movies, beyond what is normally available to them at the multiplex or on their TV screens.

8½ is supported by the National Lottery through Creative Scotland.